Donations to assist students make music in ALAS Project at Cesar Chevez Academy


When students at Cesar Chavez Academy mind to class this summer time, they will be getting something extra together, instruments!Forty students in third through fifth grade may have an chance to participate the Advanced Learning and Strings (ALAS) Project at Cesar Chavez Academy. Nora Moroun from the Detroit Worldwide Bridge Company presented a $4,000 check to Cesar Chavez Academy on May 4 to assist fund the work. Continue reading

Essential Advantages of Radio wave Jamming Technology


Radio wave (rf) jamming is really a best technology to bypass terrorist activities, for example road-side bombings, assassinations, and subversive attacks on planes. The Radio wave jammer functions by blanketing an area with rf interference, therefore immobilizing RCIED jammers (rc improvised explosive products), ammunition of preference among terrorist along with other insurgent groups. Continue reading

Advantages of Online Courses and residential Study


Distance Education type of education is aimed at supplying understanding to everybody who would like to gain education in their own convenience and pace. Therefore, online education is attaining much recognition. You will find benefits of taking education through online courses. The advantages of online courses include time, saves money, less anxiety and learning the right path. Continue reading

Summary of online education or courses


In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss the internet education, teaching, and learning.. The 2nd part presents my research on commercial and self-developed learning management systems from two European Projects. The very first article, Worldwide Web-based Education and Proper Strategies for Decision Makers, presents a listing of the main findings in the Cisaer project. Continue reading

What is the Important Error Spotting Rules for SSC CGL?

In SSC CGL exam, out of four sections, English section carries a lot of weightage of the marks. Candidates face several problems in this English, as it is not based on logic, calculations and methods.

One of the important and scoring topics in the English Language is Error Spotting. You need to rectify different types of errors like speech, noun, pronoun, genders, tenses, use of articles, participles, infinitives in Error Spotting.  To prepare best for this topic, you need to be well-versed in basic grammar rules. With proper guidance and right preparation you can score well in the English Section of SSC CGL 2018 exam.

Rules to solve Error Spotting in SSC CGL -English Section

The most common type of mistakes which are seen in error spotting topic is of grammatical. In order to go through with error spotting, you need to be aware of the basic grammar rules. We are providing you with some common types of errors which are found in error spotting questions. Furthermore, you can check some rules and examples for right kind of grammar usage to solve error spotting correctly in English section of CGL exam.

  1. Noun Based Errors– A noun is the one which can be used to identify person, place or thing. A Verb used for singular and plural noun is also different. So, in order to rectify the noun error, you need to spot the singular or plural noun.


  The people is watching Cricket (Incorrect)

   The people are watching cricket (Correct)

Rules for error spotting in Nouns


      • Nouns including cattle, police, people are treated as a plural noun but appeared as a singular noun.
      • Plural verbs should be followed up by plural nouns.
      • Collective nouns such as team, government, audience, innings, stationary, mathematics, physics are treated again as a singular noun.
  1. Adverbs Based Errors- A word that modifies the meaning of an adjective or verb are treated as adverbs.


People want to spend fewer time in jogging (Incorrect)

People want to spend less time in jogging (Correct)

Rules for error spotting in adverbs

  • Some adverbs like fewer and less have the same meaning but create a lot of confusion.
  • There is a difference between in ‘little’ and ‘a little’ which depend on the sentence and its meaning.
  1. Pronoun Based Errors- The word which takes place of a noun are called pronoun.


Each student must bring their pencils (Incorrect)

Each student must bring his pencils (Correct)

Rules for error spotting in pronouns

      • A pronoun should always be compatible with its forerunner noun.
      • One should always be replaced by one’s.
      • Remember, ‘who’ denotes the subject ‘whom’ work as an object.
  1. Adjective Based Errors- Adjective is the ones which attribute of a noun such as good, bitter etc.


He is older to me in age (Incorrect)

He is older than me in age (Correct)

Rules for error spotting in adjective

  • Adjectives like superior, inferior, prior are to be led by ‘to’.
  • Keep in mind to not use an adjective in place of adverbs.
  1. Participles and Infinitives Based Errors


I know to sing a song (Incorrect)

I know how to sing a song (Correct)

             Rules for error spotting in participles

  • Conjunction is followed by Bare Infinitive
  • Considering, judging, regarding, viewing participles which do not take the subject of reference.

Some Rules for Other/ Miscellaneous Errors

  • Do not get confused with prepositions like ‘since’ and ‘from’. Remember ‘Since’ indicates a point of time and ‘From’ indicates a length of time.
  • We use ‘an’ before the words which have ‘h’ as silent like honour, honest, hour etc.
  • The word ‘between’ is used for two things or persons and ‘among’ is used for more than two persons.
  •  ’The two first’’ is the wrong sentence, keep in mind the right expression.
  • Remember neither is used with nor and either is used with or.

Some preparation tips on how to solve Error Spotting in the English Language

  1. Do not forget to practice mock test and previous year question papers as that will give you an exact idea of question pattern.
  2. Read all the sentence carefully in the exam and then proceed with the solutions.
  3. Enhance your grammatical mistakes as grammar plays a vital role in solving your question in English Language section.
  4. 4.Do not forget to check the spelling mistakes as sometimes error spotting also does with spellings. This is the reason you must carefully read the sentence first.
  5. 5.Stay calm and positive and you can leave the question when you are not able to answer it properly.
  6. 6.Understand the right meaning and the right objective of the sentence in order to answer the question correctly.
  7. 7.To increase your vocabulary, you must read newspapers and magazines and novels on regular basis.

Keep in mind the important rules and information regarding the error spotting questions. Follow them properly and keep your grammar strong. If you have any doubt or question, please drop here in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to download SSC CGL app from Google Play Store. It provides free study material, quizzes, mock test, online practice set, previous year question papers, and all the notifications related SSC exams.

Insurance Checkup and find the best solution when accident happens

Accident can happen to anybody, happening all over the place furthermore at whatever time, you never know when the accident happens. At the point when the accident happen to your car, it is vital to check your car for accident harm and injury. Since car accident can be traumatic and scary experience, you have to realize what activity you have to do after a car accident so you will have the capacity to handle them legitimately and guarantee that everybody is safe and all the legal steps are taken after. However, how much to expect from car accident settlement? You can check . Today, i provide you with the answer and the best method to negotiate your car accident insurance settlement.

First, you should understand and know about your car insurance policy. Make sure to read the insurance policy declaration page and check what is covered and the payment limits of your insurance policy. Every state has minimum amount of car insurance coverage, it is recommended that a driver have car insurance more than the legal minimum. According the amount of your car insurance coverage, the liability limits or the amount of insurance policy will cover damages.

Check your car insurance coverage and limits

Second, understand how much the car accident settlement amount. According to your insurance types, such as medical expenses or property damage, then add all the bills, receipts, and losses you suffers, you will be able to calculate how much the minimum and maximum payment ranges that works for you. Make sure you calculate this payment range as your personal calculation and don’t shared with the insurance company.

Third, make sure to keep your cool during the first offer from the insurance company. Sometime, insurance company offer you very low amount, don’t be upset by the first offer. Check the insurance policy declaration page to learn what is covered and the payment limits. Then, give a written counteroffer that below your demand letter. This way, you are trying to negotiate in good faith and keep negotiating.

Fourth, make sure to be patient but expect results, don’t let the emotions get the better of you. Make sure to follow the process and always keep in touch with the insurance company. The car accident settlement could be lengthy process, therefore make sure that you keep persistent and stay cool.

Fifth, make sure to accepting offers from negotiation. When should you accept the offer from insurance company is your decision. However, make sure that you check how far apart the offer and your demand and how much you want. After that, make sure to check to write your agreement in a letter and send using registered email for legal record.

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