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4 Common Questions About Family Law Attorneys Mainly because of the reason that majority of the cases being handled by family law attorney are into marital discord, they are usually seen as divorce lawyers too. But not like the other fields of law, family law focuses on a bigger picture than just a single subject. This involves lots of other domestic matters that are related to family disputes and obligations. If you want to gain a better understanding for this field of law, read on below about the frequently asked questions for such legal professional. Question number 1. Is there a difference between annulment and divorce – when both spouses or just one of them has attempted to dissolve their marriage, there are 2 possible outcomes for it; one is divorce that puts an end to legal marriage. On the other hand, the court may grant an annulment if it discovered that the union was not legally valid. Truth is, this is a legal decree that is treating the marriage as if it never happened. There are several reasons to why annulment is granted like coercion, fraud or bigamy. Question number 2. What is covered in child support – when the parent retains custody of the children or child, the other parent will automatically be ordered to provide financial support. While it is true that the custodial parent will have to make payment, the money received can be used only for the needed things of the child such as educational expenses, dental care and medical, shelter, clothing and food.
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The non custodial parent can notify the court if ever the custodial parent used the child support for other purposes.
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Question number 3. How to calculate alimony – this is otherwise known as spousal support, which consist of the regular payments that are made to the dependent spouse. The supporting spouse is normally asked to pay for certain percentage of his/her monthly income in the alimony because they’re making more money. The dependent spouse will get these payments until he/she achieves financial independence or is remarried. Question number 4. How to determine child visitation – it is all up to the court to make the decision according to their best interests whenever children are involved to the case. After establishing the custody, the ex-spouses may start discussing about visitation rights. Experienced and seasoned family law attorney will be invaluable for both sides throughout this time. So long as they could come to an agreement, there’ll be no need to undergo court order about the visitation rights. If you want to save money and deal with the case on your own, no problem but if you want to guarantee high success rate, it is best to work with the pros.