3 Questions to ask if You’re Looking for a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney with Experience

If you’re in need of a criminal defense lawyer, it’s a serious situation and you need to make sure you’re asking questions that will get the right one. if you’re looking for a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney with experience, make sure you’re investigating how much experience the lawyer has in defending against your particular type of crime. Try to find representation familiar with the court climate in the area. Finally, ask yourself after interviewing your prospective defender if that person engenders a sense of personal comfort with you.

Specific Defense Experience

Modern law has expanded to a point where it is famed for its convolutions and complexity. As such, you can’t just walk into a law office chosen at random, point someone out, and hire them. Research prospects based on the crime you’ve been charged with. There are lawyers who deal specifically in drunk driving cases, white-collar cases, drug charges, even traffic crimes. The difference between a defense that knows and understands the nuances of your case is very visible and important in court.

Know the Area, Too

In keeping with the theme of nuances between crimes, those quirks exist between courts and districts as well. Judges will run for election on the basis of being especially tough on a certain type of crime and hold true to that stance. A lawyer in the area might have a better sense of that, as well as the mannerisms of the city’s police officers in court and how they respond to certain tacks of questioning. The trial is a battle, so it makes perfect sense to hire a defense that knows the landscape.

Take Care of Yourself

You’ll interview any prospective lawyer before you make a hire, and you need to be asking yourself questions then as well. Does the lawyer inspire comfort and confidence in you? Does the lawyer seem polished and eloquent enough to combat a prosecution and win a jury? Does the lawyer care about your personal circumstances, or are you just another manila folder and paperwork? These questions all need to be answered satisfactorily by whoever you hire in the end.

Any situation in which you need criminal defense is already stressful. Don’t add to the tension by hurrying or even giving up on your search for said defense. The right one, as anyone exonerated can tell you, will go a long way.