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Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney for My Claim? If you are bringing a case against an adverse party for injuries they might have caused or maybe you need legal representation against a party bringing a similar case against you, an attorney can effectively do just that. Either way, picking an attorney with whom you feel comfortable and can afford is important. You need to file your claim within a specified duration or you risk losing your capacity to file the claim. Ensure that you find the right lawyer to represent you. Reduced stress. After an accident; you may receive paperwork from insurance company, court, and law enforcement. It may be hard coordinating all these processes if you are still frail or undergoing treatment. Full-Service attorneys also handle property damage; inquire from the attorney during the initial consultation if he/she handles property damage. This is a noteworthy advantage of being represented by an attorney. Statute of limitations. Most claimants who are not represented by a lawyer fall casualties to statutes of limitations. Be very careful as these cut-off dates can entirely extinguish your claim. Different statutes of limitation are applicable to third-party claims and first party claims against your insurance provider. Attorneys provide invaluable advice concerning these deadlines.
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Lawyers have a complete understanding of the legal system. Regardless of the possibility that a claimant has a rough idea of the financial estimation of their claim, they might be green about the legal steps of disputing their claims. An average individual may not know which legal documents to file, how to complete different forms and the statutes of limitations that apply. Your limited knowledge of the legal process will allow the insurance company to beat on legal technicality.
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An attorney improves your odds. Unrepresented claimants may not successfully negotiate with an insurance company. Despite everything, you will be unable to put up a strong battle. You may not be familiar with the claims process, and this will be your downfall, the insurance company will use this to protect their interests. Legal representation will substantially increase your settlement amount; therefore hiring an attorney may be wise. Somebody to consult. Personal injury cases are a new experience for many accident victims, and one may need somebody to consult during the procedure. Your lawyer will be present and will guide you through the claims process. He will be available to answer all questions concerning your claim. You may find yourself relying on erroneous facts from friends if you do not involve an attorney, this may lead to very undesirable consequences as you may make bad decisions that might affect your claim. Ensure you hire the right lawyer as it will determine the outcome of your claim.