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Compensation for Personal Injuries in Columbia, South Carolina Located in Columbia, South Carolina, and for decades, we have proudly been serving Columbians that are injured in accidents. Most personal injury claims are due to traffic accidents, tripping accidents, when an individual loses his or her balance due to negligence on the property owner’s part. Intent or negligence is necessary for compensation. If you believe that someone else’s actions may have harmed you, then click here to begin the consultation process. What are Personal Injuries? In legal terms, personal injuries are one of the many legal specializations that form a part of today’s legal landscape known as “tort law.” Tort cases involve a plaintiff seeking remuneration due to an alleged wrongdoing.
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Negligence is one of the defining features of personal injury cases. Basically, negligence is the failure of a member of society to act responsibly and avoid putting others at risk.
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Once negligence has been established, the defendant must compensate the plaintiff for the amount determined at the conclusion of the case. For example, a defendant may be responsible for the plaintiff’s bills, repair of property, loss earning capacity. Theft, negligence, drunk driving accidents, and assault and battery all fall under personal injury law. If we lose your case in court, you are not liable for any associated costs or court fees. Negligence does not mean that each instance of injury is covered under personal injury law, but the possibility exists and that is why you should call us to find out if your case is covered under personal injury law. There are four conditions that must be met in order for the court to hold the defendants liable for damages. Summarily, the plaintiff must have been harmed, both financially and physically, by the defendant acting outside the bounds of reasonable expectations. Individuals in accidents ranging from car crashes to dog bites have sought our assistance. Go ahead and click here to begin the consultation process. So, There’s Someone to Blame? If you think that there is someone to blame, then we will guide the case to victory with our experienced team of legal representatives. We excel at building your case, negotiating the settlement, and taking your case to court. Physical and emotional pain, the damage to your finances, the damage to your property, and for some, the loss of loved ones; these are the most important things to tackle as you try to get back to normal after a deadly or injurious incident. After a traumatic incident, leave it to us to handle the legal side, while you handle the most important job of returning normality to your family and yourself.