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Do You Want To Know About The Doctrines Of Demons? Doctrines of Demons have been compiled and it’s calling for very careful considerations because it’s the rock on which the church will be wreck. Let us not be deceived to think that warning that their doctrines is made for the world and the warning is all against giving heed to seduce the spirit. We need to beware of such doctrines and believe it or not, the church holds majority of these doctrines. Not the nominal church, but those who’re uphold vital truths and aggressively evangelical. Those who’re loud in warning against doctrines of demons are holding them, contending for them and denouncing others who are refusing to accept them. As an example, the recent reviews of 7 items of creed is an ultra evangelical magazine, which is claimed that 5 of 7 doctrines of demons are taught clearly in Scriptures. The great danger of Spiritism isn’t apprehended even by the ones who is warning us towards it. There is no doubt that when a teacher upholds 5 out of 7 cardinal doctrines of such cult, is he or she not one of those who give heed to seduce the spirits and even the doctrines of demons.
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We might deny the communication with dead, we might abhor familiar spirits yet at the same time, we might support and believe baneful teachings, which emanate from them under mistaken supposition that they’re in accord with divine revelation. It needs to be stressed out that the doctrines of demons aren’t in accord with words of God.
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We make the most valuable use of it when reluctant in every point of our personal theology, which appears to lend them support. There is the danger of several saints being deceived by pretentions of the spiritism as if they are communicating with the dead but there is more insidious danger that nearly all human beings will be tainted by their teachings. Whether you believe it or not, the creed of Spiritism is sevenfold and all the multitudinous mutterings of the spirits can be reduced to 7 statements namely The Fatherhood of God, The Brotherhood of Man, Continuous Conscious Existence, The Communion of Spirits, Personal Responsibility, Compensation and Retribution in the Hereafter and Endless Progression. Perhaps, some of us have been thinking of lurid, mysterious and immoral propaganda to emanate the so-called “Devils”, but will we ever need warning towards the plain departures. Demons are more subtle than that whether you believe it or not as they don’t wish to appear opposing the Scripture. And what’s more, it isn’t that important that they’ve succeeded in perverting evangelical doctrine the Bible itself is appealed to show.