A Lawyer Is Necessary Even When the Person is Found Guilty

Most people think of hiring a lawyer so they can have their charges dismissed or they can be found guilty. Although these are possible outcomes, there are many times when the person will be found guilty or will plead guilty to a lower charge. Once a person is found guilty, there is a range of sentences that can be given by the judge. Often, the judge will determine the particular sentence based on the person’s past actions, the likelihood of them committing the crime again, and the chance that the person has learned their lesson.

Once a person has been found guilty or has pleaded guilty, a lawyer can still help them. They’re still facing the sentencing, which is often done during a separate hearing. The lawyer will have the chance to talk about the client before the sentencing to try to convince the judge that a lowered sentence is appropriate and necessary. If a person has never been arrested before, the lawyer may show they’re an upstanding citizen who made a bad mistake and wants to make up for it. If the person is an alcoholic or drug addict, the lawyer may try to show the judge that the person wants to use this opportunity to get clean again.

There is a variety of ways the lawyer can try to convince the judge to lower the sentence depending on the crime the person was convicted of. In many cases, a lowered sentence will mean reduced time in jail, reduced fines, and could even mean community service and fines instead of jail time. The specific sentences that are possible and what the person actually receives is often going to depend on the crime that was committed and how well the lawyer can convince the judge that the person is going to be a law abiding citizen in the future.

Hiring a lawyer can help a person beyond just a verdict of guilty or not guilty. The lawyer can also affect the amount of time a person has to spend behind bars or whether they can receive a lighter sentence. To learn more about sentencing, click for more about Aric Cramer and how he has helped hundreds of clients in the past.