Assessing The Skills And Services Of Real Estate Agents

With the passage of recent legislation, home buyers possess an advantage over unethical practices. However, this shouldn’t indicate that they should let their guard down. To protect themselves fully, research is necessary. To begin this process, you should start with an assessment of local real estate agents.

Assessing Real Estate Agents

Their track record is the first place to start. Do they sell properties quickly? How much commission do they earn for each sale? You should also contact clients who have bought or sold a property through the agent.

Examine Their Network

Some real estate agencies utilize in-house services. For instance, larger companies may have an attorney and mortgage lender who work within their franchise. While this is advantageous in terms of completing the transaction and closing quicker, you should research these service providers to determine whether or not they’ve had a history of loan modifications or consistent foreclosures.

Is Your Agent Committed to You?

A real estate agent who is committed to you makes every effort imaginable to find the right property for you or use their resources to sell your property effectively. If they aren’t in constant contact with you throughout this process, you should think twice about working with them. Although these agents may have a full load of clients, they work for commission. If they’re not motivated to accommodate your needs, they aren’t committed to you or your requirements.

Protecting Your Interests

Your real estate agent should protect your interests at all times. This includes negotiating with the seller or buyer to ensure you receive the best deal possible. They will not include terms in the contract that are contradictory. For example, contingencies could lead to a deal that falls through. If you don’t want to take this chance and have expressed your feelings, your agent shouldn’t continue with attempts that include these clauses.

The real estate agent of your choice should provide you with the best services imaginable. This includes providing an added layer of protection to ensure you don’t suffer a financial loss. They should review all documentation to ensure your down payment is protected and is applied to your purchase correctly. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of hiring an ethical agent, contact Moser Group real estate today.