Comfy Sacks Make Perfect Seating In Dorm Rooms.

Dorm rooms are full of active minds, active bodies and small spaces. What a student puts into that small living space that they share with another, must be durable, comfortable and easy to transport. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a college student, check out Available in almost 50 colors, and 5 different fabrics you can be assured, there will be a Comfy Sack that fits the specific design needs of your students room.

Life on campus is fun, exciting, exhausting and filled with hours of time spent studying, socializing and debating. Dorm rooms are limited on the amount of space available, so comfortable seating is always a bonus. All Comfy Sacks are three feet thick (no matter how large the Comfy Sack) and filled with smooth furniture grade foam. You will not have to worry about someone plopping down on the sack, and sending up a fountain of tiny, white, Styrofoam balls into the air. All of their furniture comes with a 3 year warranty. With space being limited in a dorm room, the size of your comfy sack matters. In typical student housing, the 3.5 foot bean bag is the most appropriate size. However, they are available from 3.5 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and the largest size at 8 feet (Large enough to hold your family!)

Spills and dirt also happen on campus. The outer cover is simple to unzip, throw into the washer and dryer, then zip back onto the liner. You will not have to worry about what your Comfy Sack will look like after going through 4 years of college, with you. Many items end up in the dumpster at the end of the school year, a Comfy Sack will not in there. Lightweight and durable, it can easily fit into your car with all of your belongings as you head home for the summer, or off onto your next life adventure.

Comfy sacks are perfect for students away at college, and living in small spaces. They are beloved by pets, small children and entire families. Once you own one of the Comfy Sacks, you may find yourself thinking about your next purchase. Easy to relax in after a long day spent studying or running around, you may find yourself fighting for the best seat in the house.