Construction Accident? Your Boss May Owe You

If you have been hurt in a construction accident, your boss may owe you. By law, in the state of New York, contractors and construction project owners have a responsibility to provide workers with scaffolding, ladders and other similar equipment. It is also their responsibility to make sure that all of the equipment they provide workers with is safe. If you have been injured due to an improperly maintained ladder or scaffold, you can receive compensation. Falling off a ladder at work could warrant a lawsuit.

It is your employer’s responsibility to make sure that you are safe and protected when you are working. It is their job to provide you with safety equipment. It is also their job to ensure that the safety equipment is used and installed properly. If you are injured while using safety equipment your employer provided you with, it is their responsibility to pay for any injuries you sustained.

However, most employers do not just want to admit responsibility for accidents and expensive medical bills. Often times, you have to either file a worker compensation claim or you have to sue your employer in order to obtain the help they are legally required to provide you with. To protect your interests, you should consult a lawyer before filing a worker compensation claim. Your lawyer will advise you on how to correctly file your claim and will advise you if you should file a lawsuit against your employer or the construction project owners.

Your will have a better case if your lawyer can prove that there was some sort of negligence related to the design, construction, maintenance or use of the ladder or scaffolding equipment. If there was negligence in the design of the equipment, you have a case. If there was negligence by the construction project owner or employer concerning the training and supervision of employees who set up the ladder or scaffold, you have a pretty solid case. If your owner did not ensure and inspect the ladder and scaffold to make sure it was in safe working condition, they are also responsible for your injuries.

If you were injured falling off a scaffold or ladder at work, you may have a solid case for a worker compensation claim or for a lawsuit. Make sure you contact an attorney right away and discuss your case.