Diploma correspondence course through distance learning from Punjab Technical College Assessmen

Correspondence or distance learning education is among the growing needs from the modern occasions where modern way of communication have the ability to shatter the obstacles of your time and distance. Sometimes, separation by time or distance or both does not permit a potential student to create themself physically open to the origin of learning. Distance or correspondence learning suits individuals prospective students by providing them an chance to teach themselves without physically availing themselves towards the traditional type of a class.

Merits of PTU: Many colleges and schools offer Diploma correspondence course for such students seeking distance learning. Certainly one of such exclusive colleges issomekeyword (PTU) that gives an online campus and e-correspondence mode training to 1000’s of these students each year.

The different benefits provided by PTU happen to be described below within an evaluative manner:

a.Printed material or course books: When a student has registered for that diploma course in PTU, he will be send course material in printed form. These books, released by PTU, happen to be made to instruct the scholars concerning the course structure & syllabi and educate him within the maximum way possible. These books function as self instruction material and permit the scholars to organize themselves for that examination. These books, printed within the conventional form, will also be accompanied by e-learning material and together they eliminate involve employing a personal teacher.

b.Online Learning: The scholars, after admission, are supplied their particular Login Ids and passwords with the aid of that they can derive the advantages of Online learning. Computer, thus, functions like a mediator between your student and also the teacher/college.

c.Digital material and books: Aside from the standard printed material sent towards the student’s address, he’s also offered quality course material on the internet. PTU offers this technique laptop or computer Based Tutorial (CBT) which causes it to be simple for a student to understand the concepts in an infinitely more effective manner. Using graphics, animations, assessment tests and self-help quizzes, a student can polish his skill and obtain a obvious grip from the subjects.

d.Public library and see Board: somekeyword also provides an open library towards the students to focus on the requirements of individuals who require more material or sources and may physically go to the library. Besides, a notice board (online along with the conventional one) is defined displayed telling the scholars about exam dates, agendas, other bulletins, alterations in training, lately published documents, lately held tests, etc.

e.Chat room service: Virtual class also provides balance-needed chat room service that causes it to be feasible for a student to directly communicate with teaching ability and experts over e-mails. Students can check into his doubts or obvious questions by swapping mails and messages.

f.News: PTU’s Learning Management system provides updates and news from a number of fields like business, jobs, education, career, etc.

g.Technical forum: Students can publish his queries or questions inside a forum and seek solutions and suggestions using their company co-students.

h.Personal Contact Programme: Individuals students wanting to achieve from direct personal interaction with ability may sign-up in Personal Contact Programme. This facility, however, can be obtained for any separate fee.