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Mediation: A Better Divorce Alternative Divorce mediation has a lot of benefits that divorcing couples are sometimes not aware of. Divorcing couples are advised by their counselors to go through meditation as the best course of action to take. The reasons why mediation is more beneficial is that it saves time, money and stress. Mediation is one alternative to litigation for couples who are divorcing. For a lot of divorcing couples, they have taken the path of costly, time consuming, and emotionally draining litigation experience instead of divorce mediation. Mediation is also less contentious, more civil and spouses are involved in creating solutions that will not be financially burdensome to both. With a controlled outcome and minimal cost, couples are happier with the results of the settlement. A bitter battle between spouses is created in a court litigation. It turns divorcing couples into bitter enemies which prevents them from having or maintain even a remote civil relationship after the divorce.
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Skilled mediators are able to turn mediation meetings into fruitful session with couple agreeing on settlement and these proceedings will not cost them as much as a litigation case does. In mediation, there is control and both parties work together to come up with the best solution for themselves as well as for the rest of their family members.
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The judge is the person in control in a litigation. In litigation, the judge does not really have full knowledge of what is best for the divorcing couples and the judge is also constrained by case and statutory law in making a solution. Flexibility is found in a divorce mediation case where both parties agree to a settlement that will appease both parties. If a couple decide to mediate before the litigation starts they can have a faster granting of divorce status if they are able to agree to a settlement. Just remember that there is very little downside in choosing mediation over litigation in a divorce case. There are specific cases when litigation is a more beneficial option than mediation. Such cases are done to avoid dissipation of assets, to protect someone from domestic violence, or to establish temporary support if a spouse is unwilling to provide it voluntarily. If the issues mentioned above is not something true to your relationship as a divorcing couples, then you need not go for litigation; mediation is a better option because there is control, a more peaceful atmosphere, a cooperation between the spouses to come up with the best solution, and it also does not cost much. Hence, if you are a couple seeking for divorce, choose the way of mediation for more peace and harmony even after the divorce is granted.