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What You Must Know About Forest Management As a matter of fact, forest management is a branch of forestry that is concerned more on with overall economic, administrative, social as well as legal aspects together with the essentially technical and scientific aspects, particularly in forest regulation, silviculture and protection. Most of the time, this consist of management for fish, aesthetics, urban values, recreation, wildlife, water, wilderness, wood products, forest genetic resources along with other forest resources. The management can be based economics, conservations or even a combination of 2. Some of the techniques included are planting, timber extraction and even replanting of various species, cutting pathways and roads through forests and fire prevention. In simplest definition, forest is a natural system, which has the ability of supplying different services and products. The natural environment such as the soil, topography, climate and also, human interactions greatly influence the working of such system. The man’s action in forests constitute forest management. This management is usually well planned and elaborated in order to achieve the goals and objectives that are desirable, which happens in more developed nations and societies. To be able to acquire traditional forest products just like fire wood, building timber, fibre for paper and an application of a bit of innovation and thinking to open up for other services and products, several forests have been and managed. And because of that, the environmental development as well as awareness of ecology science, the management of forests for several uses becomes common.
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There’s been a sudden increase in public awareness of the natural resource policy, which include forest management. Public concerns toward forest management might have shifted from timber extraction for generating revenue for the economy to preserving additional forest resources including old growth forests, wildlife, watershed management, protecting biodiversity and recreation.
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People’s increased awareness to environment may also have contributed to increased mistrust of the general public to forest management professionals. However, it can even lead to better understanding towards what these professionals are doing to reforests for ecological services and nature conservation. The significance of taking care of our forests for economical and ecological sustainability has shown in various TV shows. There are many tools similar to GIS modeling have been made to further improve forest management planning and inventory. With the diversity and abundance of mammals, birds, amphibians as well as other wildlife affected by types and strategies of forest management. There are varying intensity of forest management like leave alone, natural situations to highly intensive regime together with silvicultural intervention. The management is increasing the intensity to attain either ecological criteria like carbon sequestration, foresting of rare species and species recovery or economic criteria like ecosystem services, non-timber forest products and increased timber yields.