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What an Accidental Death Lawyer Can Do For You Accidental death lawsuits are filed in cases where one dies prematurely as a result of the recklessness or negligence or deliberate actions of another person. Wrongful death lawyers are specialized in dealing with these cases in support of the dead person’s surviving family members in order to obtain damages connected with the premature death. It’s important to find out what kind of assistance you can get from your attorney if you file this type of lawsuit. Investigation An accidental death lawyer first carries out investigations before he/she can do anything for your family. They’ll normally meet with the deceased’s relatives in order to get as much information as they can about the late. Some of the things the attorney will write down will include the late’s health status and employment, and their employer in order to find out the possible cause and move the case forward. Filing the claim and discovery
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Then the lawyer will draft a complaint and submit it to the court, after which the liable parties will be served the claim and deadlines will be determined by the court. Discovery means the formal investigation of facts gathered by a wrongful death lawyer. The court might ask the dead person’s friends and relatives to write about anything they know about the incident as well as produce legal documents and medical records associated with that death. Depositions and motions
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This is the phase where witnesses are invited to the legal office to give their testimony. They must state exactly what they witnessed and avoid engaging in hearsay. Dispositive motions are defined as the pretrial motions or technical details your lawyer files with the court on your behalf. This is done to give both parties an opportunity to settle the matter or pursue legal action for whatever reason. Litigation may be stopped at this stage. Mediation and arbitration and settlement Mediation and arbitration are approaches that can be taken to prevent the possibility of the case proceeding to trial. Mediation is a formal and structured method used to work out a settlement for both parties. If both parties work out a settlement, they might involve an arbitrator, a third party that will listen to both arguments. The findings of the arbitrator are then considered final. Settlement can be worked out at any stage of the process, especially where the accused prefers to settle the issue out of court. Court case Lastly, the litigation may end up in the courtroom where the trial may take a number of weeks. Even after the case is concluded, one party might contest the findings in the court of appeal in case they are dissatisfied but most wrongful death claims are settled before they can end up in court. If your family member has met an untimely death due to another person’s fault, you should contact an accidental death attorney immediately.