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The Ins and the Outs on Birth Control Side Effects When you are taking a look at the different kinds of birth control methods in this country you will most definitely notice that there is many different kinds of methods out there. Compared to older forms of birth control where you would need to use a new methods every time the newer more popular versions of birth control you will only need to replace it once every month which is very convenient. However, there is a lot of different kinds of birth control side effects that you will need to take into consideration such as the fact it will cause something called a venous thromboembolism. Some of the other kinds of serious birth control side effects will include blood clots which can be fatal, pulmonary embolism, and of course venous thromboembolism. Basically a venous thromboses is a blockage in one of your arteries which can stop the blood form being able to flow into your lungs. When this happens you can actually die or suffer some life altering effects that you will need to deal with for the rest of your life.
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Another kind of birth control side effect that you will need to worry about is blood clots which can cause a wide range of different types of issues such as death, tissue damage that is permanent, as well as amputation which is something that no one wants to have.
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Believe it or not but the government actually approved this kind of birth control all the way back in two thousand and one and it was developed for women. These kinds of birth control is still widely used all over the country by many different kinds of women despite the serious birth control side effects that are being reported on a daily basis. There are actually some class action lawsuits being placed against these kinds of birth control because of the many serious side effects that it has such as strokes and also pulmonary embolisms as well. There is a ton of people that have been affected in way or another by the numerous birth control side effects and this class action lawsuit is for them so that they will finally be able to benefit and gain from unintentionally putting their life at risk. The class action law suit was filed back in the year two thousand eight and that is the basics when it comes down to the many different kinds of birth control side effects and why they are so dangerous.