High-speed DDS-5 C7438 Tape Drive by Hewlett packard

DDS (digital data storage) tape format was released in 1989 and also, since its introduction it’s shown to be the very best most selection of the key companies. Installations of DDS tape technology all over the world is within millions. Part number C7438 is really a effective and powerful tape drive designed by Hewlett packard. C7438 tape drive is dependant on our prime performance DDS-5 also called DAT-72 tape format. Hewlett packard DAT-72 C7438 is definitely an internal tape drive. Hewlett packard C7438 tape drive assures low possession cost, scalability while offering unparalleled media performance. The mechanism of Hewlett packard C7438A tape drive began around the DAT-72 media tape format that has always shipped enhanced cost efficiency, enhanced media sturdiness and occasional cost per GB and it is excepted to carry on this tradition for future years DDS tape decades.

Hewlett packard DAT-72 C7438A drive provides its clients the capacity to satisfy the modern performance and recording capacity needs. Hewlett packard DDS5 tape drives safeguard your previous backup storage opportunities and make up a link to the near future DDS backup tape versions. DDS 5 technologies are liked by the clients because it guarantees consistent performance, data security, low operational costs and enhanced scalability. High capacity Hewlett packard DDS-5 drive can record 72GB data with 2x compression ratio. Native capacity provided by Hewlett packard C7438A drive is 36 GB.

Hewlett packard C7438A drive offers the finest reliable solutions and may also write/read information from the previous versions DDS4 & DDS 3 media tapes. This DDS-5 tape drive can perfectly record and extract data all the DDS4 and DDS3 tape brands including: Imation DDS4 backup tape, Imation DDS-3, Maxell DDS4 tapes, Quantum DDS-4, IBM DDS-3, IBM DDS4 tape, Maxell DDS 3 tapes, The new sony DDS4 tape cartridge, The new sony DDS3 media tape, Fuji DDS4 data tape, Fuji DDS3 backup tape cartridge, Hewlett packard DDS4, Dell DDS4, Quantum DDS 3 tape, Hewlett packard DDS-3.

Particular part amounts of above tapes are: 40963, 11737, 200028, CDM40, 59H3465, 59H4456, 200025-B, DGD150PWW, DGD125PWW-B, 26047350-B, 26047300, C5718A, 09W083, CDM24, C5708A.

Cleaning cartridge for DDS drives created by Hewlett packard is C5709A. This DDS cleaning cartridge provides excellent results helping in long-term data protection. DDS-5 tape brands are: TDK DDS5 tape (part number 27746), Quantum DAT72 backup tapes (part number CDM72), The new sony DAT-72 (part number DGDAT72WW), Maxell DDS-5 data tape (part number 200200), Hewlett packard DAT-72 tape (part number C8010A), Fuji DDS-5 tapes (part number 26046172), Imation DDS5 backup cartridge (part number 17204), IBM DAT72 tape cartridge (part number 18P7912).

Hewlett packard C7438A drive is most effective for big work stations, retail LANs, data centers, web servers and knowledge intensive programs. These DDS-5 tape drives come with an average file access duration of 55 seconds. High capacity DDS-5 C7438A drive guarantees connectivity using the leading backup software, os’s and servers. Transfer speed of Hewlett packard DDS5 C7438A drive reaches 21.6 GB/hr. Reliable media monitoring and soft loading system of Hewlett packard C7438A tape drive leads to greater read/write precision.