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Polygraph Machines: The Use of a Lie Detector You must have heard of a lie detector machine and how it works, but is it really effective? Generally, this machine is used along with a set of questions and determines if one is telling the truth or not. Various devices are used when it comes to measuring the responses of the person from control and relevant questions. The data will be check the examiner which will determine if the person honesty answered or not. Before the real test to be performed in a usual lie detection test, the person in subject will be first asked certain questions. This is what is known as baseline. The reaction of the person in subject will help make the baseline. The blood pressure, how much the subject sweat, rate of breathing and the pulse of the subject are all considered as physical responses which will determine the baseline. When it comes to the actual testing, the subject’s responses to the set of questions will be compared to the asked questions in order to get the baseline. There are actually 3 types of questions asked during the test. The examiner will ask the subject on his name, and this is an example of an irrelevant question. The next type is the probable-lie control that most of the time does not get true answers from the subject. This type is often referred to as asking the subject if he has committed a crime. The last type of question used in the lie detection test is the relevant question. An example to this type is asking the person if he made the crime. The answers to relevant questions are considered truthful when the responses on the control questions are greater than on the responses to relevant questions.
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Thanks to the technology which has never stopped advancing because examiners can now use computers when recording the measurements. With this, examiners find their job to be more quick and easy. Computers have changed the way lie detector tests are recorded. Analog polygraphs are no longer used today. Computers have made it possible for examiners to store different results from several subjects to be stored in one place.
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One of the most essential part of the digital polygraph machine is software program. Chart analysis capabilities is a kind of program that allows examiners to interpret the results with ease. It is very important to take note that this test will not provide a strong conclusion, provided that the subject is taking alcohol, drugs, medications, or had a surgery or illness. But scientists still do not consider this lie detector testing to be accurate. For this reason, lie detector machine can’t make or break a certain case in the court.