How Important Are the Arts in Schools?

With so many schools cutting back art programs to stretch their budgets further, it’s understandable for parents to wonder if these programs provide value to their children. Even if your child is more athletically inclined, he does suffer when visual and performing arts aren’t part of his curriculum. Luckily, independent schools not only keep these programs intact, they develop them to provide even more benefits to your children.

The arts teach children creativity and to express themselves as individuals. With regular art shows showcasing not only the students’ work, but local artists’ as well, students are exposed to thought-provoking ways of looking at the world around them. Young children develop better motor skills and hand-eye coordination by painting, and performing arts give students better communication skills and more self-confidence. The decisions students face when dealing with creative arts – what color they should paint an object, for example, or how to deliver a line from a play – also play a role in better decision-making skills throughout students’ lives.

Speak to an admissions representative at an independent school that values the performing and visual arts today. Even if you think you can’t afford tuition, you may be surprised to learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities.