Hyderabad calling – Do you have it in you to be a top notch content writer?

About Us

Contentmart is a content marketplace that facilitates content writing services by connecting quality content writers to prospective content purchasers.

Contentmart is hiring

Contentmart is on the lookout for dynamic and enthusiastic content writers from Hyderabad who have aptitude for article and blog writing and are willing to work as freelancers. We are looking for creative, imaginative and collaborative individuals who can work as content writers, content curators, bloggers and editorial assistants. These individuals should demonstrate their ability to write compelling content, judge their target audience wisely and create content that can keep the audience engaged and convert them from visitors to customers. Credibility and authenticity of the content are imperative for driving customer loyalty towards the client website. We are looking for original and unique writing styles that can spark user interest such that users find the articles engaging and are willing to share them with other colleagues and friends. The content has to be rich enough to educate people and empower them to make well informed decisions.

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Why work with Contentmart?

Contentmart provides you with the flexibility of earning a lucrative pay while working from home. You can use our friendly portal interface to choose from a variety of jobs and bid for the one that suits your pocket and interests. Post sorting, you can place a bid on an order. Once the bid is selected, you will receive a notification stating that the order has been confirmed and the deadline by which the order needs to be completed. After the buyer reviews your work and accepts the completed order, you are awarded with a rating for your timeliness and content quality. A good rating boosts your chances of attracting more orders in future. Also, you get the opportunity to work with the same client again if the client is happy with the quality of work.

Key skills that we are looking for

Usage of SEO based copywriting is highly desired as the motto is that the content should rank high in various search engines. We expect the content writers to have a good grasp of their areas of interests and to upgrade themselves constantly and keep up with the latest developments in the field. Ability to write both creative and technical content will provide you with an edge over others. Catchy slogans, convincing case studies and relevant article writing will be key differentiators. You should be receptive to buyer’s feedback and willing to do revisions, if required. If you enjoy writing and want a job where you can work from home, then ‘Contentmart’ is the right platform for you. Please note that ‘Contentmart’ focuses purely on content provision and offers no other services. Hence, we are looking for serious authors and editors who can write reliable and authentic content. Happy job hunting!