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Personal Injury Protection Claims After a Car Accident

Personal injury protection claims are used in states where no-fault law applies for car accident victims. These states include Utah, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Hawaii, New York and others. Under no fault laws, the insurance companies of the people involved in an accident are responsible for paying compensation to the policy holders. This is regardless of the party responsible for the accident. For example, when you get involved in accident at the workplace, you will have to seek workers’ compensation from your insurance company rather than employer.

Depending on your state, there may be a limit on how much the insurance company can offer as compensation. In some states, there is no limit. Some of the accidents that the no fault rule applies for include product liability cases, workplace accidents, and car accidents. You should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer that understands the laws of your state.

What You Should Know About PIP
A PIP is a claim that you will make against your insurance company to demand compensation your medical expenses and lost income. Some states allow personal injury lawyers to file a PIP claim which should be paid in full. However, in some states, the insurance company is allowed to pay the claim up to a certain limit. You will have to pay the remainder of your losses from your health insurance policy or out of pocket when the insurance company has paid up to the limit provided for in the state.

Still, there are some instances, when your personal injury lawyer will be able to file a claim with the person that caused your injuries and/or losses. For example, if the injuries you sustained are way more serious and the damages you incurred are very high than what the state provided limit, your lawyer can pursue compensation from the party responsible for your injuries.

What You Should Know When Working with an Insurance Company
There are some requirements you must meet before filing a claim with your insurance company. For example, you may have no choice but to write down the events that led to your accident. The insurance company may want to have their own medical expert conduct a physical examination on you to confirm the injuries you are claiming for compensation. You may also have to indicate the exact losses you suffered due to the accident.

Your personal injury lawyer will examine these requirements and advise you on what to do. It is necessary for you to corporate with the insurance company if you wish to be compensated. Your PIP benefits can be denied if you fail to cooperate with the insurance company.

The above is how you can file a PIP claim.

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