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Knowing the Technicalities of Trademarks and Copyright Law Businesses, artists and musicians are people that deal with issues regarding copy right and trademark. This is highly relevant and understandable by the legal and the unique function of the two. The trademark is a term derived from a design, number or a combination of various elements in a goods or services to be able for the consumer to identify the mains source of the said goods. Copyright is the protection of the original authorship as soon as the expression has already been fixed in a speed of the permanence like the book or a painting. The overlapping and the confusion only happens between the two legal protection when a design has been used as a trademark but can also be an original work that is subject for copyright protection. Copyright is automatic in the creation and the permanence of an expression of the original work. Between the registration with the US copyright or the copy notice are now being required to be able to acquire a copyright. This is still subject to some list of exceptions, as soon as the copyright attaches the owner of the copyright to the original work with the six important exclusive statutory rights that are not available under the trademark laws. The value of the trademark comes the good will it gets by consumer association of the mark with the source of the product.
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Putting in another manner, a logo can be enough and original to qualify for the copyright protection unless and until it has been used for trading as the trademark it will not be able to be qualified for the protection of the trademark. The value of the copyright is the work of its exclusive rights and the usage as well as the originality of it.
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Copyright protects the expression not only the idea behind it, all of us is entitled to create a song but the idea and the expression of that idea is where the copyright falls under. Copyright is not available to different categories of materials which include tiles, names, phrases and slogans, any of those can be used as a trademark for commercial purposes. In general the span of the copyright is now fixed for the life of the author plus 70 years after it which the work will go in public use again. In the US a trademark keeps the status and the legal protection that can be of legal protection that is indefinite as long as it is still being used for commercial purposes. In conclusion these kind of distinction is vital in the making of a business asset and in identifying the manner which protects it.