Kamarband jewelry to enhance your waist

Kamarband jewelry is great to intensify the suppleness of slender waist and give a glamor to feminine look.

Kamarbandh generally is known as as Waist (Kamar) Band (Bandh). It’s popular all over the India with various names for example Kamarband jewelry, Cummerbund jewelry, waist jewelry, waist chain jewelry and so forth. It’s worn by fashion and sweetness conscious ladies round the waist to glamorize feminine look.

When we cast a peek within the ancient Indian scriptures, we discover that somekeyword was utilized through the males in addition to women to help keep the clothes on place and enhance their persona. A lot of Hindu deities for example The almighty Krishna is referred to sporting a waist chain (Patka). Furthermore,

Shiva enthusiasts also accustomed to put on Rudraksha waist jewelry following a ruling of Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad.

Kamarband jewelry continues to be pointed out in Sanskrit with various terms like Kayabandh, Mekhala (Girdle) and so on. Throughout the ancient excavation of Indus Valley civilization sites, it’s demonstrated it had become utilized on a massive. Further, several temple sculptures and miniature works of art also illustrate the figures putting on this manner jewelry.

Kayabandh was worn healthy of the twisted sash, waist belt or cloth girdle throughout Kushan, Mauryan and Sunga periods. It had been accustomed to secure the Antariya at waist. It had been also worn as an enchanting ornament to intensify the suppleness of slender waist. Statues of Begram and Gandhara illustrate the collectible figurines putting on Kamarband jewelry in sash style.

Additionally to waist, Mekhala seemed to be worn around the stylish, hence it had been known as as stylish belt or stylish bracelet. It had been developed in two sorts. While -Rasana- girdle is made with pearls and chain, -Kanci- girdle was embellished with tinkling alarms. Mekhala (Girdle) finds mention in Sanskrit literature of Kalidas, Jaydev and lots of other poets. Donor figure and King Kanishka statue of Mathura put on designer devices adorned with metal plaques.

Rajasthani people of elite section also accustomed to put on Kamarbandh jewelry throughout medieval period.

Namboothiri people residing in Kerala also put on this jewelry in style of 3 layer gold string. Here, Silver or gold waist chain jewelry is known as as Aranjanam and it is offered to a different born baby on Irupathettu ceremony, that is held after 4 weeks of birth. The folks of Lakshdweep put on Kannadi Aracha belt and Adippu belt. Kamarband Jewelry can also be popular amongst the Dhodia and Kathodis inhabiting Silvassa. Presently, classical and folk ballroom dancers also put on this jewelry throughout their performance.

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