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Seven Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney If you’re searching for an attorney to assist you with your personal injury suit, you have to select carefully to make sure you find the best candidate. It’s essential to consult with several attorneys when looking for someone to handle your personal injury lawsuit. But what questions should you ask when talking to personal injury attorneys? Here are some sample questions you can ask personal injury lawyers to gauge their expertise and suitability in taking on your case. What is your experience? All personal injury lawyers are not created the same way. Knowing how long they’ve practiced their trade is only the start. Ask how many cases like your own the lawyer has handled and what his or her win percentage was. Also find out if the lawyer prefers representing plaintiffs or defendants. What will I be expected to do in the case?
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This is a vital question. Teamwork is all that matters in lawsuits. Be sure to know your role in the lawsuit and what is expected/not expected prior to choosing an attorney. If you’re so passionate about your lawsuit, you might want to be more involved. While some attorneys will allow this, others won’t.
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How is the process like? Personal injury lawsuits often take years to resolve. It’s vital to have a general idea about the process and all potential alternatives. Ask what issues the attorney may face and how they would deal with them. Finally, ask how long they expect your case to take. What are their charges for services? The services of a personal injury attorney can have unanticipated costs. Ask how much the retainer will cost and if they will refund the unused portion. Ask what expert witnesses the lawyer intends to use and what their cost will be. Ask if the lawyer can accept your lawsuit on a contingency fee to steer clear of extra expenses. If they accept the contingency plan, ask if they can take care of all expenses until the conclusion of the case. Who will handle my case? It’s not unheard of for a senior attorney to carry out the “sales” interview. Once they are hired, they get a junior lawyer to handle the case. Ask if the lawyer will handle the lawsuit or if they’ll delegate to support staff. How much contact can I expect in my lawsuit? You want to be informed about the latest happenings in your case. You want to have regular updates and access to additional information. The lawsuit is still yours, so you deserve some respect. What settlement offer should I accept? What can we get during trial? Your lawyer should have the ability to estimate potential values in your suit, so you are able to make a sound decision about whether or not an injury suit might be worth it.