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Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Criminal Defense Lawyer There are many ways to find a criminal defense lawyer – check the yellow pages, search online, ask for referrals from friends and relatives, and so on and so forth. In most cases, it would be smart to meet a few prospects before choosing whom to hire. Lawyers are also likely to provide free initial consultation, during which they will be listening to your questions about your case and their experience. So what do you need to know from a lawyer before you decide to hire him? 1. Duration of professional experience in criminal law
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You don’t just want a lawyer who has a twenty-year practice under his belt. You want someone who has significant experience with criminal cases, specifically the cases involving the charge or charges you’re presently facing.
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2. Track record for dropped or reduced cases Obviously, this is very important because the best thing you can do when you’re charged with a crime is to keep your case from reaching trial. 3. Portion of total handled cases that reached trial If your case does make it to court, you’d like a lawyer who has solid court experience. 4. Track record in terms of guilty and not guilty verdicts A lawyer who is known for getting “not guilty” verdicts still cannot guarantee that you will win your case, but it does increase likelihood of a victory. 5. Number of handled criminal cases more or less the same as yours Each situation is unique, but you should find a lawyer who has worked with cases that have similarities with yours. 6. Key issues the lawyer may have concerning your case You should know these concerns so that you are aware of the factors which can impact the verdict, as well as the defense approach that is most suitable. 7. The “legal prognosis Even the best criminal lawyer will not be able to promise a result, but he should at least be able to good idea of what you should expect. 8. Name of the lawyer who will actually be in charge with your case If you’re hiring a law firm, you should know the name of the particular lawyer who will be dealing with your case, and his experience in criminal defense. Also ask who your primary contact will be, as well as how often you would be communicating with the lawyer. 9. The probably cost of your defense It can be costly to have a criminal case taken to court, depending on its complexity. Your prospective lawyer should give you a reasonable estimate of your costs. But careful with those who quote you very cheap fees. This is, in fact, one of the reasons you’d like to have more than one prospect.