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3 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident In America, recent statistics have shown that there are over 1.3 millions car crash related deaths every year. Additionally, between 20 to 50 million people are injured in ways that could be either life threatening or life changing. Being involved in a car accident can be very stressful, especially in those first few moments after the collision. Of course, it’s understandable that you might feel scared and confused during the first few moments after a crash, but that shouldn’t keep you from doing what you have to. Car crashes are all too common these days, and that’s why you should make it a point to prepare yourself in case it happens to you. Find out what you should do in case of a car crash by reading through these pointers. 1. Call Someone for Help – The first thing on your mind after a crash should be to get help, and that’s why you should make an effort to contact the necessary authorities and organizations to sort everything out. Usually, bystanders would feel responsible enough to call for help, but if there wasn’t anyone there to make that call for you, you should be able to do it yourself. Contact the nearest hospital and the police to get aid dispatched to you as soon as possible. 2. Collect Evidence – Who was responsible for the crash? – The answer to this question will determine who is at fault and who should be liable to make the payments for damages and medical expenses. However because the other party might try to make it look as though you were responsible even if you weren’t, you should collect as much evidence as you can to prove that their claims aren’t true. If you’re uninjured and if the others around you are safe, pull out your mobile phone and take pictures of the crash. Cover all the angles of the collision as well as the surroundings to give your evidence context. It also pays to gather the contact information and identification details of anyone involved to prevent them from escaping the incident without paying what’s due.
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3. Contact Your Lawyer – If the crash wasn’t your doing, and if you feel that you might want to elevate the occurrence into a court of law, consider calling your car accident lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is the only sure fire way to make sure you prove your innocence and win your settlement. If you want more than just a settlement and you want to get the person responsible punished for their reckless actions, hiring a lawyer is also a smart way to go.5 Uses For Professionals