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How to File For Divorce Filing for divorce can be quite complex for an individual living in Colorado. There are some compulsory procedures that have to be followed when filing for divorce. Accordingly, it is advisable to seek the help of an attorney before filing for divorce. The client should decide the manner in which to file the divorce petition. There is a significant number of people who file a divorce petition without joining it with the other party. There are also some couples who decide to file the application jointly. Upon the client makes the right decision, one has to file some forms in court. It is compulsory for the application to file a case information form in court. The essence of filing the case information is to equip the parties with some basic information pertaining to the case. For instance, the names of the parties should be included in the document. The document should also contain the information relating to the addresses of the parties. The document should also have the social security numbers of the parties. It is the duty of the party to file the petition in court. For the court to learn about the nature of the orders sought, the petition has to be filed in court. For instance, some clients might be seeking for child support. Getting the custody of a child might be the reason why some people are filing for divorce. It is important for the parties to specify whether they are seeking for the division of the property. For the application to succeed, there are summons that have to be filed in court. When the case is being filed jointly, summons are not required. The petitioner has to sign all the forms that will be field in court. The client should always sign the forms in the presence of a notary. It is essential for the notary to also sign the forms of the applicant. The client should also determine the right court to file the forms. The right place to file the forms is the family division.
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Some research has to be undertaken before filing the right forms.For instance, it is important to determine the number of copies that are needed in court. It is also important for the client to determine the amount of money to be paid when filing the papers. The other party has to be filed with the documents. After filing the forms in court, the client should read all the notices sent by the court. Some important information might be contained in the notices sent by the court.
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Through the correspondence sent by the court, the client might be required to file some additional documents. When filing for divorce, the other party has to be given all the relevant financial documents. The financial statements of one party have to be given to the other person.