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Questions to Ask a Potential Accident Lawyer If you have sustained serious injuries in an accident, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to help you. There are different ways that an accident lawyer can help you. For example, he can help you file a claim, negotiate a claim and even file a lawsuit. An attorney with a number of years of experience will know how much you can end up getting compensated for the injuries you suffered. With this information, he will know how to negotiate your claim with the insurance party to ensure you get a fair compensation. ‘ There are many lawyers that handled an accident case. Ask any potential attorney you wish to hire the following questions: i) Which area of tort law have you specialized in? Find out whether the attorney understands Tort law. Tort law stipulates the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in an accident. Check that the attorney you want to hire has experience in the case you have. For example, you should hire a truck accident lawyer if you were hit by a truck. Hiring a specialized attorney is beneficial in a number of ways. To start, the attorney understands what the law says about the accident you’ve been involved in and hence is likely to win your case. Moreover, the attorney’s specialization in the particular accident case will give him a vantage pointy should your case have to be determined in court.
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ii) Can you work on my case? Find out what the lawyer thinks about your case. If there is enough evidence to support your claims about the accident, then your case is strong. Sometimes, an attorney may feel your case is too weak for him to help you. Some cases may also not be serious and it won’t make sense for the lawyer to be involved with them. With these cases, the attorney can advise you to handle it on your own.
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You should get an experienced attorney to work on your case if you were seriously injured. If your vehicle was also badly damaged in the accident, it is prudent to involve a lawyer. When you hire a lawyer, he will help you come up with a reasonable compensation to demand for the losses you might have incurred. iii) How much are your legal fees? You should also find out about the charges. Find out from the attorney how much he will charge to work on the case. The lawyer you opt to work with will determine how much you will pay. Most accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. Therefore, if your case does not end being successful, you will not pay any legal fees. On the other hand, if you are awarded a settlement, the lawyer will charge a percentage of the amount won. You can find a good attorney by asking the above questions.