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Why Hiring a Catastrophic Injury Attorney is Important Hiring a lawyer that has experience with case similar to yours is important. It is not enough that the attorney has experience with accidents like yours but also injuries like yours. Specializing attorneys serve their clients better. Even attorneys who specialize in a particular area (such as medical malpractice) will go further and specialize in misdiagnosis, for example. For people with catastrophic injuries, it is very important that they hire an attorney who has a lot of experience with victims who have catastrophic injuries. What makes an injury a catastrophic injury? There is no list of injuries that the law considers to be catastrophic. Instead each injury is examined to see if it meets the criteria of catastrophic. However, catastrophic injuries are marked by long-term or permanent care, permanent disfigurement, multiple surgeries and the inability to every work again. Some examples of catastrophic injuries would be amputations, loss of eyesight and loss of mental capacity. Making people ‘whole’ is what the courts attempt to do by awarding victims compensation. This simply means to put someone in the position they were in before the incident happened. It is understood that some victims, such as those who have catastrophic injuries may never be whole, but the courts try to make people as whole as they can. The severity of catastrophic injuries is why it is so necessary to hire catastrophic attorneys.
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The medical costs, alone, for someone with catastrophic injuries can be tens of millions of dollars. Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail not to pay out on such claims because they are so expensive. Any lawyer you hire will need the experience to go up against the vigor with which the insurance companies will fight. But insurance companies are not the only problem; juries can be the biggest hurdle for catastrophic injury attorneys.
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Catastrophic injuries are often very complicated. Lawyers handling these cases need to be able to explain extremely complicated medical issues to layman and make them understand just how severe they are. This is even harder with injuries that are not visible such as brain injuries. If a victim has any chance of getting the compensation they deserve, a lawyer must be able to convey the seriousness of an injury. Catastrophic injury victims not only need compensation for the injuries they have already received by they will need compensation for damages they will undoubtedly have in the future. They ask for money for things they will need five, ten, even twenty years into the future. And people often have a problem with rectifying the future while still in the present. If the attorney doesn’t do a good job making the jury understand exactly what their client is up against, the jury won’t award adequate compensation.