Shopping for real estate in Burnaby or Shaughnessy

Customers of remax burnaby seeking to buy properties within the burnaby real estate listing, but unsure how to go about it, are in luck! Having collected information on your preferences, our team of professional realtors will competently do the research for you. This offer applies to all kinds of property – houses, condos, lofts – regardless of purpose. We specialize in real estate in the entire Greater Vancouver area, from South Delta, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Burnaby East, Burnaby South, Burn North, Mount Seymour Parkway, North Vancouver East, North Vancouver Central, North Vancouver West, West Vancouver East, West Vancouver Central, West Vancouver North, West Vancouver – Howe Sound, to Vancouver East, Vancouver Westside North, and Vancouver Westside South.

The charms of Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy is a section of Vancouver East, one of the oldest parts of the city. Today it is the liveliest area in Vancouver and has the highest population density. Indigent peoples started the ball rolling when they inhabited the site five hundred years ago. Waves of immigrants in the space of the last century have enriched the area, with newcomers from around the world forming tightly knit communities. A process of gentrification has engulfed Vancouver East in recent years, which brought about an increase in real estate prices. Listings in the historic Shaughnessy neighborhood include distinguished old buildings, houses and quaint architecture. A large portion of the structures in this part of Vancouver have stood for a long time, having been constructed prior to World War II. However, it could be argued that location, a staple of property trading, constitutes the most valuable asset of Shaughnessy real estate. Even within the prestigious Vancouver setting, Shaughnessy stands out in the artistic execution of its architecture. The style of construction typical for the formative period in the neighborhood’s history means that the condos are not very spacious and perhaps not worth looking at if you have luxury in mind. Opting for a condo in Shaughnessy means making a trade-off in favor of a premium location.

Selling property

If you are looking to sell a piece of property in this section of Vancouver, our dedicated realtors would relish an opportunity to provide this service. They will be there every step of the way, from listing the item, setting an asking price and advertising to negotiating with a buyer and selling your loft, condo, duplex or house on your behalf. Your property will be introduced to interested parties as a respectable and sought after item. You can expect buyers to line up around the block for a chance to glimpse your property once our team gets a chance to represent you.

Tenacious and dedicated

The Richard Morrison Real Estate Agency centers its business model around sophisticated marketing and stalwart loyalty to clients. All our agents are taught to value their relationships with customers and be open to any questions and concerns they might have. Our clients are guaranteed personalized and highly effective service, resulting in success.