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Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer When Charged with Domestic Violence Domestic violence cases are on the rise with the victims being both men and women. Police and prosecutors in Charlotte highly target domestic violence cases. Assault, threats, sexual assault, unlawful confinement, and criminal harassment are some common offenses that occur in a domestic setting. Cases of domestic violence involve either a romantic partner or family member. When you are wrongly accused of committing acts of domestic violence in Charlotte NC, hiring a competent defense attorney is important to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom. Allegations of domestic violence may be exaggerated or fabricated by one spouse to gain an edge in a child custody case or a divorce proceeding. A criminal defense attorney will conduct a detailed analysis of the situation to prepare a strategy for defending your case. The lawyer will interview all the witnesses, assess the evidence submitted, and if the situation requires expert investigations, he will engage a private investigator. Your criminal defense attorney can offer appropriate legal guidance and advice you on what to expect. These lawyers have considerable experience in domestic violence issues and will know how to handle your case. If you are a first time offender, your Charlotte NC criminal defense lawyer can help you keep your records clean.
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Cases where criminal charges arise from domestic contexts are viewed to be more serious than those with the same charges resulting from other situations. You are likely to receive heavy fines or a longer jail term for a crime involving a domestic relationship that for crimes involving strangers. Those in domestic relationships trust one another and hence, abusing that trust by one party is considered aggravating. A domestic violence defense attorney can assist you in getting your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. These lawyers are familiar with every aspect of law that applies to domestic violence and will use the same knowledge to your case.
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Many people in domestic assault cases are held in jail until their bail hearing, and when released, they will be bound to strict conditions. Also, getting your bail conditions changed is difficult. Therefore, you should look for a good criminal defense lawyer to get you through the entire process. An attorney with the right negotiating skills and experience can assist you in getting the bail conditions improved. Such an attorney will convince the police and the court that you do not pose any threat to the complainant by providing appropriate kind of evidence and arguments. When hiring a Charlotte NC criminal defense lawyer for your domestic violence case, make sure you choose someone who is highly experienced, competent, and well-respected by various players in the justice system.