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Introduction to Divorce

When a couple gets married they intend for their marriage to last forever. This is because that is what marriage is supposed to be like. Thus couples who get married should stay married until their last breath. However there is something sad about the reality of marriage these days. In every two marriage that you have one of these will end up in divorce. Do you know what divorce is? This means that legally the marriage is dissolved between two persons.

It can be disheartening to see this statistic about marriage. It could also be a bit frightening for those who are thinking of getting married. They may be afraid that they may be part of the divorced statistic. Well if you don’t want to get divorce then you need to work on your marriage. What you can do is that you can get outside help in solving the marriage problem that you have. There are experts who are knowledgeable in helping married couples sort out their problems.

There are different reasons that a couple undergoes a divorce. It has been found out that most divorces are initiated by women. Even then women can differ in the reason for their doing it. But what makes them leave is that they are no longer feeling happy living with their husband. It could also be that they their partner does not love them anymore. They may have also found out that their husband has another woman.

In any divorce proceeding a divorce lawyer is necessary. This kind of lawyer specialized in family law and know everything about it. The reason for this is that divorce is under the category of family law. In a divorce proceeding there are many things that the couple needs to agree on. If the couple did not get a pre-nuptial agreement then they would have to undergo the usually complicated division of assets. There are many negotiations that fall when this is the topic. Some couples even end up in bitter legal arguments because of this.

Child custody is also another thing that is heavily negotiated in a divorce proceeding. It is the court that has the final say about this. It could happen that one will get the full custody and the other will just be awarded visiting rights. There are many factors that the court considers when deciding this.

If you have been served divorce papers by your partner then you need a really good divorce lawyer. Such a lawyer will give you protection of your assets and rights to the children. You can easily find a good lawyer now. Ask about their court history. If their history includes many wins then they are very worth hiring.

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