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What Questions You Should Ask Your DUI Attorney Even though the numbers have come down due to increased of law enforcement, there are still over a million motorists being arrested for DUI or Driving Under the Influence every year in the US. Most of the time, misdemeanor is what charged to those who are involved in such cases. The penalties and the fines that come with conviction may be severe while this may sound innocuous enough. With this in mind, here are the top 5 questions you need to ask when you are about to interview a DUI attorney in Las Vegas. Question number 1. Are you specializing in drunk driving cases – the reason why you should ask this is that, there are many different specialties in the field of law. To give you an example, there are some lawyers who focuses primarily on personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate and so on. So whenever possible, you need to hire a lawyer who is not just experienced but also, well versed in dealing with these types of cases. Question number 2. Will you be the one who would defend me – as for the larger law firms, the senior lawyer you have spoken to in your initial consultation isn’t always the one who would handle your case. What will happen most of the time is they’ll send their associate to represent your case on their behalf. Therefore, if you wish to work personally with the lawyer, then you need to ensure that you have asked this question from the start.
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Question number 3. How you are going to charge me – as a matter of fact, this one largely depend on the lawyer as well as the seriousness of your case. But most of the time, the attorney is going to charge you an hourly or flat fee. As a rule of thumb, if this is your first time to be charged with such case, you’ll go better with hourly rate as these kinds of cases don’t often take long hours.
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Question number 4. Are there additional fees – there are several legal professionals who won’t inform you of the additional fees. Sometimes, they are evaluating to interview witnesses or file motions on your behalf. To be aware of the fees that may incur throughout the duration of your case, it is necessary that you ask this question right from your initial consultation. Question number 5. What are the feasible outcomes – giving predictions of what the outcome will be like is something that reputable lawyers don’t do. But what he could do is to give you idea of your worst and best case scenario.