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What You Can Expect Your Criminal Defense Attorney to Do for You The legal system is created in such a way that, even with a high IQ, representing yourself in a criminal trial in an effective manner is almost always impossible. Thus, if you are probably going to prison or facing a big criminal penalty, you should probably hire the best criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer has several things to do. On top of summoning witnesses in your defense and cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses, your criminal defense attorney will also:. > Help you strike a deal with the prosecutor.
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Such deals, which are also known as plea bargains can usually lessen your probable sentence or eradicate some or all of the charges you were originally faced with.
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> Work out a favorable sentencing program for your scenario. If you are convicted, your criminal defense lawyer may try to tweak your sentence in a way that stops you from returning to the criminal justice system. For example, instead of going to jail for 10 months, your criminal defense attorney may propose that you only stay in jail for 6 months and spend the last 4 months in a drug rehab center. > Help you process emotions that mostly come with criminal trials. By and large, defendants in criminal prosecutions deal with embarrassment, depression, fear and low self-esteem. > Help you stay realistic. Defense attorneys stay objective through a whole proceeding as part of their job, and can present insights about how the actual progress of the trial and what could possibly happen in the near future. Such evaluations and reality checks are almost always crucial when a criminal defendant is in the process of deciding for or against a prosecutor’s plea bargain. > Identify basic legal rules and regulations that you would most probably overlook. A lot of rules and laws governing criminal prosecutions are hidden behind regulations and laws, and even under previous court opinions. > Steer through state legal system where your case falls under. Aside from rules in black and white, like the local rules of court, that have to be followed, there are typically so many “unwritten rules” that go along with each jurisdiction. > Tell you about the secret costs that accompany pleading guilty. Most people who represent themselves never consider the consequences of pleading guilty if it can lessen their sentence. > Gather statements of witnesses and evidence. Majority of witnesses don’t feel comfortable talking to people who are allegedly part of a crime, but they are often willing to talk to an attorney about their upcoming testimony. > Hire the right investigators. Finally, a criminal defense attorney can hire investigators not only for the crime but also for the witnesses to be called to the stand by the prosecution. If these investigators do find evidence that would reduce the witness’ testimony’s credibility, it can be a huge help to your case.