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The Application of Employment Law The interests of both an employer and an employee are safeguard by employment law in addition to upholding their welfare. Both the employer and employee sign a contractual agreement containing the terms and conditions of the hiring. It also dictates the relationship between these two parties and the government as well as the trade unions. There are two categories of employment law also referred to as labour law namely; collective and individual employment law. The contractual agreement between the employer and his employee states the rights of the latter in accordance to individual law. Collective on the other hand states the relationship between the company, employee and trade unions as well. These laws determine the working condition of employees as there are standards defined. The contract that the employer provide for the employee to sign has the standards clearly stated as well as the obligations each employee is supposed to fulfill. The terms and conditions stated in the contractual agreement include the minimum wage the employees are supposed to be paid at the end of each month. This may however not be the case for all employees as some are paid per the hours worked on a daily basis. Minimum wages are affected by supply and demand forces in the market as when they increase they are paid more and the reverse is also true. The maximum working hours for employees is usually defined in most countries. Workers who go an extra mile and work for extra hours than they are supposed to are entitled to being paid compensation for the extra effort. Usually, the minimum amount of hours stated in most laws is eight according to most labour laws and regulations. Those people who work in companies that have advanced equipment usually go for extra hours and are compensated for it.
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The occupational health and safety standards for the employees are also indicated in employment law. A healthy working environment should be upheld by the employer in regards to the working conditions. Those people who work in building and construction sites as well as factories require health gear. They should address the health concerns of their employees at all times by setting quality working standards. This way, the number of accidents and injuries will significantly reduce.
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Employers should ensure that they avoid wrongful dismissal of their workers. Employers might end their worker’s employment period without a good reason. Employees who have been dismissed without reason have a right to seek compensation from their employers or can even sue them due to breach of contract. Promotions and increment of salary are some of the rewards that employees are entitled to due to their productivity.