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Quick Tips for Hiring An Estate Planning Lawyer Estate planning in simple terms is the manner in which a person or family makes arrangements for asset transfer in case of death or disability. Its aim is to maintain maximum wealth for the beneficiaries or heirs intended before death. The major concern when it comes to drafting an estate plan is the state law. With so much to do and consider in drafting an estate plan, you need the assistance of an estate planning attorney. But how do you find an estate planning law firm that is right for you? Take a look at the following tips to help you out. First and foremost, you need to ask the attorney how much they charge for their services. While attorney charge flat rates for writing a will, the same does not apply when it comes to estate planning law. This is due to the time-consuming and intricate nature of most estate plans. Most of the time, estate planning lawyers charge depending on the nature and size of the estate. While a lot should go into determining how much you should pay for the service, the lawyer you hire should give you an estimation of how much you should pay so that you can make an informed decision. Before hiring an estate planning lawyer, it is advisable that you interview several of them first. It is not advisable that you settle on the first lawyer you meet but you need to interview at least 3. This way, you will have a good feeling about the lawyer, his or her work style, and whether they have enough experience.
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It is equally important that you find out whether the lawyer is insured and licensed. It is unfortunate that most people don’t think about these credentials when hiring an estate planning lawyer. A good estate planning lawyer should carry errors and omissions insurance, commonly referred to as malpractice insurance. If the attorney misleads you in any way, this will protect you and your interests. Make sure that the lawyer you have hired has proof that they are licensed to practice law in the state you reside in.
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You can also find a reliable estate planning attorney by looking at online reviews. It really helps to get valuable advice considering that getting a reliable and trustworthy lawyer is not a walk in the park. Reaching out to family and friends who have used an estate planning law firm before can also be helpful. While it’s true that the internet is an unrivaled source of getting estate planning lawyers, you can also benefit a lot by asking from friends and family.