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Lie Detectors and Your Truthful Assurance Lie detector tests are the things that are used to determine if an individual is actually telling the truth on a certain subject. There are also different kinds of lie detection to which you could find today like the polygraph tests, cognitive chronology and also voice stress analysis. Each of these tests are using scientific methods and also uses psycho-physiology. The polygraph lie detectors like the polygraph is actually admissible in court at some states. The function when it comes to talking about lie detector tests is actually to find the truth through reflexed of your body and your brain. The polygraph is considered to be the type of lie detector that’s popular today. This operates through measuring and in recording different physiological responses from the subject such as responses on skin conductivity, pulse, respiration and also on the subject’s blood pressure. Any question to which will create changes and provoke the nervous system of the subject will then be highlighted. There are in fact some states that are into the use on this kind of polygraph examination to interrogate suspected spies and criminals. There’s also the VSA or the voice stress analysis to which is considered to be another psycho-physiological lie detection tests. This kind of test will have the voice of the subject to be monitored for stress responses that could be the result of lying. Because a lot of movies uses lie detector tests, this greatly helped on improving its popularity to a lot of people.
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The very first lie detectors have tried to highlight physical side effects of lying. There’s a tribe in ancient West Africa would have the presence of groups of individuals that pass an egg between each other. The one which breaks the egg is considered to be a liar because nervousness has a connection with guilt. First polygraphs were using analog technology. But the polygraphs today are now computerized. Both the result of the computerized and analog tests are actually almost the same for its accuracy and procedure.
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When the subject is connected to the lie detector machine through the use of wires, the subject in this case is then going to be provided with a preliminary examination for the interrogators to build foundations for the control questions for its tests. The success on the test is going to depend with the psychological mindset of the subject. When the subject is going to believe on the effectiveness of the test, the suspect is then going to be more susceptible. There are actually so many interrogators who actually created ways with how they could influence the subject to believe that the lie detector test is accurate. There are however some techniques that obtained criticism because there are there are those that uses intimidation in order to conjure some nervous responses.