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Men’s Divorce Law – What You Need to Know Men’s divorce law tends to look at the rights of the husband or fathers in the divorce. It is for that reason that nowadays there are divorce lawyers that solely focus on represent men in a divorce. Under men’s divorce law, the husband or the father can hire a divorce attorney that has specialized in only representing men in a divorce. Besides that, the following are other things you ought to know about men’s divorce law. Husbands and fathers have just as equal rights Traditional it was assumed most marital problems that lead to the divorce option were more to do with. Under men’s divorce law the men have just as equal rights and the common perception is no longer there. This led to many cases where you would say there were many incidences of favoritism in court rulings based on this generalization. This includes the issues of child custody, share of the property and other things.
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As the man, it is always good to be the plaintiff in the divorce case
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Most men involved in a divorce often don’t see the importance of being the first to file for a divorce. Actually in a survey conducted back in 2014, it was found that about 93% of divorce cases were petitioned by wives. When the woman files first, the man becomes the defendant in the divorce while she becomes the plaintiff, this puts the wife at a better chance of winning the divorce case as it will be the man who will have to defend against the allegations made. The cost of a divorce trial may be more Men’s divorce lawyers understand that going for a trial is not always the best option as it may end up being more costly. Many men’s divorce attorneys usually advise their clients to consider the settlement offers before opting for the court. Either way should you fail to agree, it is up to the attorney to portray the man in a positive way to the judge. Alimony is not only paid to the wife Spousal support is among the key contentious issues during a divorce. It can also be the opposite whereby the wife pays the husband spousal support. The court often considers the requesting party’s need for it and the other party’s ability to pay it. The court can then give a decision that the wife pays the alimony or it can also be through a settlement agreement.