The Classical Education Model

Recommended is the go back to a practical system of past centuries, the Classical Educational Model is attaining in recognition among home schooling parents. The model is indicated by contact with history, art, culture, languages, philosophy, and literature of Western Civilization. Having a Christian emphasis (additionally, it focuses on the introduction of a scriptural view around the globe and Theology is regarded as the full of sciences), the main of the model may be the Trivium, which tailors curriculum subject material to some child’s cognitive development.

The Trivium is dependant on three levels, or stages of learning and teaching in line with the age and skill from the child. The goals from the Trivium are Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

Grammar Level

This stage may be the according to concrete learning. In Bloom’s taxonomy, this is regarded as the bottom of the training pyramid. Within this stage, rote recall skills may be the emphasis. Many public school systems refer to this as “kill and drill.” The concept is perfect for kids to understand the vocabulary, rules, and fundamentals first. This level is suggested for that elementary age range of kids.

Throughout this stage, youngsters are trained Art, Bible, Geography, History, Literature, Math, Music, Oratory, Science, and Writing.

Dialectic Level

Also regarded as the analytical thinking and understanding stage, this really is suggested for that junior high school age kids.

A student discovers to reason and also to string isolated ideas together.

Throughout this stage, students are trained more in-depth concepts in Art, Bible, History, Literature, Math, Music, Oratory, Science, and Writing. Language, Logic, and Government are introduced at this time around.

Rhetoric Level

This is when abstract thinking and self-expression are available in. It’s suggested for that senior high school years.

Throughout this stage, students take all they have learned and develop the opportunity to apply that understanding to abstract ideas. Rhetoric and Philosophy are put into the studies while Government and Logic receive less concentration.

On the side note, history is trained throughout all procedures in 4 year cycles. Repeating the cycle enables for more understanding because the child’s cognitive development advances.

This model could be described simply put , by likening it towards the process where a baby discovers to talk. A young child first discovers sounds, vocabulary, and straightforward sentences. Then he discovers how you can use the rules of grammar to be able to express more complete ideas. Finally, the kid discovers to convey opinions and much more complex ideas.

The supporters from the Classical Education Model reason that the current education system needs kids to understand subjects before learning the ability of learning. A little like putting the trolley prior to the equine?