The Internet of Things

If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things, you will. It’s the name given to the millions (and growing) of devices that are connected to the internet and each other. It doesn’t mean computers and video game consoles either. Do you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home? Welcome to the IoT. A Nest thermostat, smart refrigerator or connected car? How about one of those doorbells that sends you video of who’s at the door? They are all a part of the IoT, but it encompasses much more. For example, using the IoT and special sensors, companies can get real –time updates on inventory, alerts when equipment needs maintenance, and more. The IoT lets a food company keep its perishables fresher and losses lower by constantly monitoring the temperature inside a refrigerated trailer.  If the temperature rises too much, the trailer can automatically lower the temperature to correct it.

The IoT helps people too. It lets doctors continuously monitor patients and those patients to more easily do things like test blood sugar. Add artificial intelligence to the mix and you get automated cars and trucks that drive themselves (already a reality!) and computers that can converse with and think like humans.

Some people fear all this new technology means massive job loss as machines take over tasks formerly done by people, but actually the reverse is true. The job market for people with engineering and technical skills is exploding and there is an ever-widening gap as companies create more jobs in that sector than there are qualified people to fill them. Your engineering degree from means you’re in demand. Hardware and firmware engineers are particularly in high demand.

The IoT sector is extremely competitive, with companies constantly trying to be on the cutting edge and outdo each other with their product releases. They need skilled individuals who can help those products come to life. If you have skills in IT and/or cybersecurity as well as engineering, you may find companies competing to hire you. Security is a big, big issue for IoT, as recent headlines have shown, and device manufacturers are racing to find solutions. The more skills you can bring to the table, the better. The job market for qualified people with technical and engineering skills has never been better. Polish up your resume and start applying for open positions. You will likely start to get job offers before you know it!