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Personal Injury Attorneys and Your Claim After an injury you experienced in a car accident you should do everything that you possibly can to make sure that you make a full recovery. Surgery, medications and therapies are some things that you may have to do to get back to feeling yourself. Your attorney will work on getting fair compensation while you work on getting back on your feet. This will give you the best chance at a good outcome both physically, emotionally and legally. Keep your attorney aware of anything that has to do with your case. Never sign anything before running it past your attorney. They should also be aware of the treatments that your doctor is saying that you need. Other things to keep them informed of is changes in insurance benefits, going back to work and any contact the other party or insurance company tries to have with you. It is important that you give your attorney an emergency contact in case they are unable to reach you. Changes of address are also important to your attorney because they may have important paperwork for you to sign in a timely manner.
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It is very hard to determine the worth of a claim. This is yet one more reason you need to share every fact with the attorney handling your case. The severity of your accident will carry a lot of weight when it comes to your case value. Being hit in the bumper will not get you a big settlement. The majority of insurance companies agree that the severity of your injuries from the accident should primarily guide the amount of the settlement.
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In order to figure out the value of the settlement that they will ask for, an attorney will look at the cost of the treatments the doctor is recommending for you. Those calculated in the settlement amount will include treatments now and in the future. Medical records, prognosis and any other reports will need to be given to your lawyer as soon as they are in your hands. In addition give them any reports or records showing an acquired disability or anything that may change the way you have to live your life. On top of physical injuries, you may also experience emotional injuries. Often times victims of accidents suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder among other things. This is one of several mental disorders that will need long-term medical treatment after something traumatic such as an accident happens. Your settlement value should include the cost of treatment to deal with these emotional disorders. A great attorney is extremely important if you have been in an accident and are pursuing a personal injury claim.