Things to Know About Home Offers to Protect the Home Buyer

There is a whole lot of excitement in the process of finding that perfect home. It may have taken months and a lot of disagreements, but it is a rewarding adventure. But what about that process of actually making that offer? Many people do not know how it works, so the below walks new homebuyers through the first to the handing over of the keys.

1. Most buyers know that the listing price for a home is rarely what it ends up selling for. One of the greatest features of working with an agent is their access to what is known as the multiple listing service (MLS). It is a network of all MLS home sales in the area. It collects very specific data about the property and looks at market values. The buyers and the agent will go over an initial offer price and set up the paperwork for that offer in an ‘offer package.’

2. For the most part, all homebuyers need to supply a documentation of their finances. For a cash buyer, this could be a proof of funds. For a family committing to a mortgage over time, they supply the loan terms which is aptly known as a pre-qualification letter. This is organized by the company, and is attached to the offer.

3. The offer is sent to the seller’s agent. The seller’s agent will discuss the price of the home with the seller and negotiate terms. This is another fantastic reason to work with a realtor. He or she will negotiate on behalf of the buyer and obtain the best possible price for the property.

4. The negotiations may take some time, so be patient and understanding. When the terms are agreed upon, the agents will collectively execute the contract terms. This will open up the escrow process. Fortunately, the agents will work alongside the title company to settle any potential title issues and financial costs related to the transfer of sale.

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