Tips for Choosing The Comfort Hotel & Homestay

One of the things that makes a pleasant impression when traveling is a hotel / place to stay in the tourist area. Sometimes a hotel / inn also affect our mood when they want to start a tourist activity. Wrong in choosing the hotel can make us travel can be messy, and therefore chose the right and comfortable and appropriate budget is very important. This article is about “How To Travel Cheap” tips, check this out…

There are various categories of hotels, ranging from the usual, standard up to the star. Facilities offered also vary, but be prudent if you adjust the contents of the bag. Hotels are expensive is not necessarily too cozy, and vice versa hotel that’s not necessarily a bad return.


Now with advances in technology and the bustling tourist destination specific hotel manager makes the competition more competitive. Each wants to provide a good service to satisfy customers. Hotel occupancy race that is always nice, so it will also be a long continuance. As a customer of course we are also benefited with this condition.
How to Choose the Right Hotel:

location Hotel

It would be wise if you choose the location of the hotel closer to the attractions to be visited. In addition to easy, of course saving because you do not have to go out again for the cost of transportation to the location. Find the hotel is also close to places to eat, because it will make it easier when Aldebaran

Hotel facility

Adjust the facility needs. Often the hotel just as a temporary shelter and to store luggage, would be more efficient if you choose budget hotel that only offers your basic needs is sleep and get cleaned up.

But if you want to travel while to see the beauty and the hotel facilities, eg for honeymoon or a family vacation; choose a hotel that has the facilities and services that complete and satisfactory. Examples: villas, cottages etc.

Facilities are available of course is directly proportional to the price you pay later, arrange according your needs during the vacation.

Rate Room Rates

Some hotels have official websites, so you can check and order online there. You can also langgananmu booking via travel agents, because there will usually be discounted. Also look for hotels that are no promos, the hotel usually provide discounts hefty price.

For a budget hotel ask what is there an extra charge for borrowing towels, hair dryer and a locker key. Is also provided a free breakfast, coffee, tea, sugar and hot water free. Do not be too easy to get stuck with a low price and discounted hotel rooms is high.

Some homestay / boarding charge per bed / person not per room; 1 room contains several beds, perhaps in this way can also be a consideration.

Reviews from customers

You can consider a specialty of the reviews of the customers who stayed previously. This assessment can we find on forums, mailing lists, etc. The group traveler. Categories in the review include: location, amenities, price, service and so on. Testimonials from customers is a bit much to give us an idea of the hotel which we will occupy. The more complaints, rants, invective of customers then you can avoid that hotel. The more recommendation, praise, positive testimonials from customers who have stayed before, it can be used as input to use that hotel. Confirm the day before check-in so the hotel can prepare properly for the room you ordered.

Look for previous info

The more information you gather, the more precise you can choose the hotel that you want. Tanya to friends, relatives, look at social media and ask the opinion of their experience for selecting hotels in the area. As well as their opinions about the hotel where they stayed.

By choosing the right and comfortable, it will sleep more soundly. Get enough rest and quality will certainly impact a good mood while undergoing traveling activities. Thus, your vacation will be fun.