Upgrading Helped Me to See My Favorite Family Members Longer

I cannot hide the fact that it hurt my feelings that my children preferred to stay with their parents every weekend because the online speed at their home was so much better than mine. The kids loved coming to visit me for short durations, but they are so addicted to their phones and computers that they often get restless. This is why I checked often on fiber optic availability to see when I would be able to upgrade things at my place. When I found out I could do so, I put in an appointment to have it done immediately.

I have always been very close to my adult daughter and my grandchildren. And I feel the same away about her husband as well. I am so lucky to have the close and happy family that I have. It is a joy when they bring my grandkids to visit me. I am often so lonely, and I love hearing the boys running around having fun on my farm. But they can only handle being here for about 48 hours before they get impatient and want to text their friends and see what’s happening online.

As soon as I upgraded my Internet speed, I called everyone to let them know about it. The boys said that they would be willing to come out and spend a whole week with me! They were off of school for the summer, so this was great news. They came out that very Friday night. They were able to talk to their friends when they wanted to, and they also got to spend a lot of time with me. They liked it so much that they ended up asking their mom and dad if they could stay an extra week. That was the best two weeks that I have had in a long time.