Vancouver apartment for sale

If you are looking for vancouver apartment for sale, you may want to consider purchasing a property in the Ambleside area. Ambleside is mostly chosen because of the short distance to the North Shore. Some people are saying that you haven’t experienced anything until you take a walk along the spectacular beaches of the North shores. While doing so, you will be enjoying multiple beautiful sights. You can enjoy in the panoramic views of Stanley Park, English Bay and rest of the Vancouver. The area is very friendly and somewhat old fashioned. Many authentic bakeries, markets and boutiques of all sorts are patiently waiting to be visited. Hopefully, all that makes you at least a bit interested in what Ambleside has to offer. This is the place for people who like a combination of peace and quiet, but also want to be able to enjoy activities of modern everyday life.

Unique Ambleside homes

Hopefully, we got your attention and you are looking into the possibility of buying a house in Ambleside. Not long ago, a project was started by the local authorities that have a single goal – helping people who are interested in buying a condo or house in the area. This is probably the most specific feature that connects most of the houses in the area. However, it would be a shame to neglect something that beautiful. The area is built to compliment the shore and that can be recognized in the unique, beautiful architecture.

The beauty of Ambleside real estate

You will notice that most houses in Ambleside are not really new. However, they are also very well maintained. That is not to say that there are no new houses, because there are plenty of newly built properties. However, there is certain charm to the older houses, as they are the cornerstone of the local architecture. For that reason, most people are looking into the possibility of buying one of those well-maintained older beauties. Both new and old properties typically have plenty of room and if you are lucky enough, you may get an amazing view of the surrounding area.

Ambleside condos are a little older, but great West Vancouver condos

There are also many condos in the area. Although most of them are older, they are typically in a very good shape. There are some parts of the city where you might want to avoid buying older condos, but this is certainly not the case here in Ambleside. Most people are looking for something with at least two bedrooms and most of the condos in the area are just that – two or three bedroom condos. The condos’ prices are considerably lower than those of the houses in the same area, unless you are going for something elite and full of luxury.If you would like to see some other listings, please visit this link: mls listings north vancouver bc