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A Look at the Culture of Kenya There are many languages in Kenya and different cultures also, that is why the tribes are grouped into subgroups and those with the same language and culture are grouped together. The Bantu, Nilotes and Cushites are the three major language categories in Kenya. Nomads and pastoralists make up the Cushite group and they dwell in the North Eastern part of the province. The Bantu tribe have their dwellings in Central Kenya. English and Swahili are the major languages spoken in Kenya. Tribes have many different spoken languages. Gikuyu, Luo, Luhia, Kikama, Kiiki, and keilan are just some of the native languages spoken by the different tribes in Kenya. Different communities in Kenya have different traditions and this also affects the kind of dishes that they make. Maize and cereals are the staple food in the different tribes in Korea, and they are eaten together with meat and vegetables. Among Kenyans, the most common dish is called Ugali. Cooking cornmeal in water until it becomes thick is consistency is how to make Ugali. When you eat Ugali you have to pair it with a green vegetable called sukuma wiki.
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The art works in Kenya abound and are different from one another. Different kinds of art belong to the different communities in Kenya. Because of the differences in cultural communities, art forms also differ and here are some of the common ones: Maasai blanket, Kisii soap stone carvings, Kangak, Kikoi, Sisal baskets, and others.
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The drums that they make are made of animal hide and reminds us of African rhythm. The wooden carvings are done in a mixture of black and brown. They make soap stone carvings which are pleasing to the eyes and are a perfect decoration for the home. The people of Kenya are talented and full of ingenuity in their own peculiar way. Their culture and tradition also puts great emphasis on their looks and the way to enhance that is to make jewelry. Jewelry as pieces of art are truly amazing and carry with them much symbolic meaning for their people. The Kenyan music style Benga is very characteristic of Kenyan music. Benga is said to be a high-energy dance music which came in the 1940’s when Luo musicians played traditional songs with modern electrical instruments. Influenced by music from other countries, the popular and modern Kenyan music have begun. Kenya boasts of having their own dances too, known as Masai and Samburu which are danced while swaying and leaping. A display of strength is shows by the energetic Kenyan dancing, and this is done by leaping high in the air. When there are visiting tourists around, the Masai and other tribes people do their dance performances for them. There are some tourist venues along the coast for which the Mijikenda dance group performs.