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A Guide to Filing for Divorce If you need to file for divorce, you need to take a number of steps. Divorce has eligibility issues that must be considered. Residency requirements are required by the state so that you can secure a legal and binding termination of your marriage. The residency requirement for divorcing couples in six months residency. A sworn statement has to be submitted to authenticate your residency so that you will be eligible for divorce or legal separation from your spouse. After residency requirements, you need to provide good grounds for filing your divorce request. No-fault divorce are possible ground for divorce also. No-fault divorces are filed without pointing or proving bad deeds done by either party. It there is mutual consent to the divorce, then a no-fault divorce can be decided. If there is no mutual agreement to the no-fault divorce, one party may enact a provision. In this provision, one party declares that both of them are no longer living together for at least two years and that the state of the marriage is such that it can no longer be repaired. There is also such a thing as a fault-based divorce, and in this kind, one spouse can be guilty of wrongdoing like adultery, separation, conviction of felony, desertion and abandonment, bigamy and insanity. Filing the divorce papers is the next step. Filing divorce papers in a certain county where you plan to divorce is simply to submit the filled up divorce papers you obtain from the county clerk. When filing your divorce papers make sure that all the requirements are satisfied. These divorce papers include special requests that you may have including child support, child custody, alimony or rights to property. File the divorce papers with the county clerk when you have completed everything. The divorce papers will then be approved, signed and stamped by the county office, after which you need to serve it to your spouse either through your sheriff’s office or through a private process serve. Legal action will follow suit after your spouse has been served the divorce papers.
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Normally, the spouse served with the divorce papers will be given 30 days to respond. The finalization of the divorce proceedings will be done by the local court where you reside, if your spouse agrees to the request. If your spouse declines your request then legal action will be required. The legal actions can be a trial or an alternative dispute process. If you want a faster process and a satisfying final outcome to your problem, then you need to hire the services of a qualified law professional. Lawyers can indeed simplify the whole divorce process.News For This Month: Services