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Rain, Auto Accidents and What You Need to Know About Negligence The country has seen several mild winters. While the winters have become less snowy, they have definitely become more rainy. No one is happier about the milder winters than commuters. There is nothing fun about having to wake up extra early to scrape layers of ice from your car. Navigating through the white stuff isn’t fun either. But if commuters welcome the rain because they believe it is safer than snow then they are mistaken. Data compiled by the government proves that, surprisingly, more accidents happen because of rain than because of snow. Even in states such as Michigan and Vermont, that get a lot of snow, rain causes more accidents. Experts believe the reason for this is that people don’t feel that rain is as dangerous as snow. Rain can mix with the oils on the road and make them very slippery. In some cases, rain can cause the roads as slick as ice can. Because people are unaware of how dangerous wet roads can be, they fail to adjust the way they drive. Failing to change the way they drive is why many people lose control of their cars in the rain and get into car accidents. When it first begins to rains, curves are especially dangerous spots areas on the road.
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The fact that people aren’t as cautious of the rain as they should be leads them to be a little lackadaisical in maintaining their cars. In places where it snows, making sure your tires are winter-ready is a priority. The idea of rain doesn’t motivate people in the same way snow does. However, failing tires is a serious dangerous in wet conditions. Hydroplaning causes countless accidents each month. The majority of accidents caused by hydroplaning involve cars with substandard tire tread.
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Many people also falsely believe that accidents caused by rain are faultless. They consider the rain to be an act of God, therefore any accidents caused by that act to are excusable. A duty to care is a responsibility that every driver has. You have a duty to drive in a safe manner and to make sure your car is safe enough for the road. Not slowing up when the weather changes is not driving in a safe manner. And balding tires makes a car unsafe to drive. Failing to adhere to road conditions and driving a poorly maintained car are two things that could cause you to be sued. Your duty to care should be at the forefront of your mind every time you operate a vehicle.