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Potential Outcomes from Hiring an Accidental Death Lawyer Before filing a wrongful death lawsuit, make sure you understand the different kinds of damages you may be eligible for. The specific details and amounts of the potential payouts differ according to your state, the conditions around the death, and other factors. The damages can be divided into three main types. Let’s look at each in turn, keeping in mind how an accidental death lawyer can help you navigate these issues. Economic or Monetary Damages Monetary damages are some of the most commonly-awarded payouts; these have to do with any of the victim’s monetary assets that would have been available to the family had he or she not died. A good accidental death lawyer is often very experienced at extracting the highest possible compensation in these kinds of cases. For example, the victim’s lost future earnings from work are a prime example of such damages; other kinds of benefits apply as well. Medical and funeral expenses are also commonly part of the payout, insofar as they result from the defendant’s wrongdoing.
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Non-Monetary Damages (Usually Emotional Harm)
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Non-monetary damages take the form of hurt caused to the victim’s loved ones that does not have an obvious dollar figure attached to it. In cases where the defendant is found responsible for non-monetary damages, it is usually the judge who decides the amount to be paid. These damages generally involve some kind of psychological component, ranging from the expected emotional pain and anguish to other kinds of “abstract” losses such as the protection and loving care of the victim toward his family. Punishing the Defendant: Punitive Damages Punitive damages are awarded in cases where the defendant is found to be particularly irresponsible his his behavior that has led to the passing of a victim. The laws surrounding punitive damages can be particularly finicky, so a good attorney is recommended when these are involved. Punitive damages are commonly not available in cases involving government agencies, a rule that often creates controversy. On the other hand, some jurisdictions include interest fees on punitive damages that start to accrue from the time of death. As you can see, litigation involving wrongful death allegations can demand consideration of a diverse range of issues and outcomes. This can be especially taxing to victims’ loved ones, who must be strong enough to deal with lawyers and judges at the same time that they are working through their own grief. If you find yourself in such a situation, strongly consider hiring a a skilled accidental death lawyer, or at least seek the counsel of one who can get you on the right track. Such cases can make an already difficult situation overwhelming, so get the professional help you need before it becomes a problem.