When is Office Building Roof Repair Atlanta Required?

If you are wondering when to call for professional office building roof repair atlanta, this article was written for you. Roof damage can be especially challenging to evaluate on office buildings, especially since most offices tend to be multi level. You as an employer or building owner have probably never even seen the roof of your building, except from afar. Naturally, this makes it harder to know when you need repair, but the following two major signs are indicative of a problem with the roof that you need to seek help for immediately.

Roof Leaks

A roof leak will usually be pretty clear since the uppermost floor of the building will have an area where water enters the building whenever it rains. This area may be fairly small, in fact small enough that you can hardly see the entry point for the water. However, anytime you have rainwater entering from the roof – even small amounts – you have a leak that needs to be fixed.

While it is less immediately obvious, you might have a roof leak if you have water spots on your ceiling. This will usually look like splotches on the ceiling, typically a few shades darker than your ceiling color. This might be a leak that simply doesn’t have an entry point (in essence, a small hole in the ceiling.) Even these types of leaks can be very serious if left untreated. The leak can eventually grow and spread, causing the ceiling to bow in. Leaks only tend to grow worse over time, so ignoring the problem never helps.

Storm Damage

After a storm, whether it is a huge rainstorm or a rare winter storm, you have a risk of storm damage to the roof. It is important that you have the roof evaluated following any storm. Often, branches may fall onto the roof and cause damage, snow or ice can pile up and cause damage, or random debris can land on the roof during the storm. Any extra weight that lands on the roof can cause an eventual cave in, or it can cause the roof to form new leaks.