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The Right Action to Take Against A Negligent Manufacturer of Drugs The pregnant women who complained of nausea were advised by their doctors to use Zofran. Pregnant women were also advised by their doctors to use Zofran for ending vomiting. One of the negative consequences of using the drug is that it has resulted in the birth of defective children. Negligence cases are now being filed against the company that came up with the drug. It is widely believed that the manufacturing company never sought the approval of the relevant agencies before developing the drug. There are various things that the manufacturing company ought to have done before marketing the drug. The side effects from using the drug ought to have been put in the open for all potential consumers to see. There are numerous birth defects for the children born of a mother that has been taking zofran. The hearts of such children are usually defective. Heart defects will severely affect the quality of life that the child is living. When the mother consumed zofran during the pregnancy, the children will also have problems with their kidneys. Craniofacial defects are also likely to be faced by the children that will be born. In the event that the lawsuit is successful, the manufacturing company will compensate the mother for various things. Treating the birth defects in the children that have been born will rest upon the company that manufactured the drug. In the event that the mother of the child is likely to spend more money treating the condition in the future, they should be catered for by the company that developed the drug. The parent should also be compensated for the pain suffered after giving birth to a child with deformities. Cancer patients were the ones targeted for the development of the drug and not pregnant women. After going through a surgery, Zofran might assist the victim to recover. To reduce the pain during chemotherapy sessions, it is a good idea to use Zofran.
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Pregnant women were not the target of the drug from the get go. By telling potential users that the drug was safe, the company erred. The company also made a serious mistake by marketing a drug they knew was defective. The manufacturing company failed to analyze all the data in relation to the use of the drug before distributing it.
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Without sufficient analysis of the effects of the drug, it was hard to know how it would react with pregnant women. The potential users of the drug were misled by being told that the drug had no effect on animals. The development of bones in animals was severely affected by the drug. Zofran was proven to have harmful consequences on the animals that participated in the study. To be compensated for the damages that have been experienced, one should look for a competent lawyer.